1955 - The year in brief…

He works in Nice, he practices scuba diving and fishing, sels furniture, cars and household appliances.

1956 - First solo exhibition of Cachets

First solo exhibition of Cachets and paintings held at the Galerie du Haut-Pavé, Paris.


[alyʁ dɔbʒɛ] n.f. The appearance is made by the path left by an object coated with either ink, poster paint, acrylic, or oil, on a medium. The mark is determined by the artist’s hand.

1957 - The year in brief

Exhibition at Galerie La Roue, Paris.
« Micro-Salon d’Avril » at Galerie Iris Clert, with 50 others artists (ie: Alechensky, Appel, Arp, Baj, Benrath, Bryen, Dali, César, Corneille, Max Ernst, Klein, Fautrier, Fontana, Gromaire, Hartung, Habbah, Hundertwasser, Jorn, Kricke, Laubiès, Manessier, Michaux, Mubin, Penalba, Picasso, Pignon, Quentin, Marie Raymond, Rioppelle, Singier,Takis, Dorothea Tanning, Tinguely, Tsingos, Vasarely, Wilfredo-Lam...).
The printer of the invitation omits the "d" from his name.


[alyʁ kɔlɛʁ] n.f. The object is soaked with ink, poster paint, oil, or acrylic and violently thrown against the medium.

1958 - may 20th, exhibition at Galerie Iris Clert, Paris.

« Les Olympiens, peintures récentes de ARMAN » at Galerie Iris Clert, Paris. He decides he prefers to drop the “d” at the end of his name to be known as Arman.

1958 - 1959 - Travel in 2CV

He travels in a 2CV car to Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan with Eliane and “Pere Steve”, a friend researcher and Dominican Priest who is studying proto- Sumerian cuneiform languages with the French archaeological mission.


[pubɛl] n.f. Rubbish, waste, garbage taken as it is or chosen and placed in a container.


[akymylasjɔ̃] n.f. Several assembled objects of the same type or from the same family assembled.

1959 - First sculptures, Poubelle and Accumulation

He makes his first sculptures, Poubelle, Accumulation.
First solo exhibition held in Italy at the Galerie Apollinaire, Milan.
Exhibition at Galerie Saint-Germain, Paris

1960 - Exhibitions in Paris and Dusselforf

« Arman Allures d’Objets » at Galerie Saint-Germain, Paris.
Exhibition at Galerie Smella, Dusseldorf.

1960 - oct. 25th Full Up, Galerie Iris Clert, Paris

He fills up the Galerie Iris Clert with garbage, creating “Le Plein” ("Full Up").

1960 - oct. 27th - New Realists Manifesto

He signs a manifesto with Klein, Raysse, Hains, Tinguely Spoerri and Villeglé, founding for this occasion the “Nouveau Realisme” movement with the art critic and historian Pierre Restany. New Realism = new perceptive approaches of reality.
He meets Larry Rivers, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns in Paris and has his first English lessons taught by Rauschenberg.


[kɔlɛʁ] n.f. Broken object.



[kup] n.m. Object cut into slices.


[kup ɑ̃pʁɛ̃t]  n.f. The slices of the object are coated with ink, or poster paint, oil, acrylic, before being applied on the medium selected. With or without repetition.


[ɑ̃pʁɛ̃t] n.f. The object, its slice or its representation, is soaked with ink, poster paint, oil, or acrylic, and applied on a medium.

1961 - July 13th. - First Colères

He smashes furniture for the “first New Realism festival” at Abbaye de Roseland in Nice, creating his first public Colère. Arman does it again in September at Paris, for a session of collective performance with Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle, in front of the cameras of NBC channel.
He accumulates objects in polyester.

1961 - oct. - New-York

For his first visit to New York, he is included in a group exhibition in a museum: “The Art of Assemblage” at the Museum of Modern Art.
Simultaneously, his first solo exhibition in the United States opens at Cordier-Warren Gallery in New York.
He lives for several months at the Chelsea Hotel in New York, as he will do each year until 1968.
He meets Marcel Duchamp at a dinner given by the artist and collector William Copley.


[akymylasjɔ̃ ɛ̃klyzjɔ̃] n.f. Objects included in polyester, concrete, or synthetic marble.