View of the house from the terrace

On the roof of the main house, Arman's bedroom

He starts writing his diary in this room in 1985. 


From Arman’s diary, September1, 1992 entry.

closer to our time, this Platonic thought of limiting the creative power of the human-confronted to Gods where even if we exclude the deity confronted to nature, this thought is illuminated by a passage from a letter by GAUGUIN that I have

in which Gauguin recommends to the younger artist for which he will make an introduction-

"I do not write this preface because he is a comrade but because I think he is an artist- I won't use all the usual superlatives- I would not say that he is a master - his flaws are not yet assertive enough to qualify him as such.

but he's an artist. "

This passage shows a similar attitude about the creation. A master therefore could only be qualified as such because

From Arman’s diary, September1, 1992 entry.

of his faults. What we call "character" "taking position" "language". For then what GAUGHIN called "faults" are all the differences from perfection, which in the context would be nature or divinity. It is obvious that since the advent of photography taking place as medium of representation – artists became more free to make art for art's sake once the contingency of representation reduced and then we see an explosion of styles, in ways that initially disconcert the public. Education of the eye has taken a long time and now only part of the public can follow the meanderings of the artistic thought in a large array that enables all investigations

From Arman’s diary, April 14, 1992 entry.

I begin to refine this Platonic notion translated to a more modern way with the letter of Gauguin I have.

The phrase "he is not yet a master because his faults are not yet affirmed"

and Socrate's advice to the young man- "and you will only be the servant of the gods who created the forms"

all this means that no one is able to transcend nature or Gods in creation.

and every designer who can hope to be a master will be by default-

because its distinctive imprint will the mark his mark of the difference with perfection-

it leads to also think about the use and recovery of defaults-

in all of our creative activities- sport- art etc.

Masters have the talent to get out of difficulties and turn them into advantages