ElianArman kiss

ElianArman, c. 1957.


He was between twelve and thirteen years of age when he decides to become a painter.


Not high rank studies, just Arts:  "Arts décos in Nice and the Ecole du Louvre in Paris.
He is 22 when he meets Eliane in Nice.


She too had run away from overly authoritarian parents.
She is also untangling complicated sentimental stories of her twenties: they understand each others...


She played cards: "patience"
At the Café des Arts.
They both appreciate these small signs of destiny.
The name of the place will be the starting point of their love journey.
Neither of them will deceive the sign: the Arts will make them both famous.


The story? Once upon a time...
It’s a painting: 9, Parc de la Californie.
Not far away from the seaside and the Nice Cote d'Azur airport.