TECHNIQUE: Poubelle (Garbage)
DIMENSIONS IN INCHES.: 23,6 x 15,7 x 3,9
MEDIUM: Household garbage in a glass box.


2004: the indignations from the bad news about his health are gone. He is very ill, and things are not going in the right direction.


This September sees a family gathering of his first family for a celebration. Arman has now accepted that he cannot be the patriarch he wanted to be for a family reunification of his entire pack. Today his family from the "first bed", , gathers up, that of his first wife of the letters to his muse. They had not seen each other in a long time, Eliane and Arman. They both retreat in the small living room of the Bidonville, tired and a little hungry.


We found them later, asleep side by side in front of the feast: camembert and sip of red wine carefully chosen.


Amazing - THIS - Camembert! The one whose brand won’t be named in order to avoid advertising, even though! This is one in his first "Poubelle"! The Poubelle of their intellectual disagreement which formed their final contrary moves! That camembert box recovered among the waste picked up by Arman who had rushed to his parent in-law’s flat in Paris! This waste included a box of the favorite Camembert of Eliane's father to make the "PETITS DECHETS BOURGEOIS"!


Last lap: These "Poubelles" of their disagreement and here they are in ... AGREEMENT. Sleeping together because of favorable circumstances to be in the same rhythm. Around the small snack, did they look up and see the trade name?


Could this be the WHOLE question to Arman's feminine: to AGREE.