View from the sculpture studio

Le Bidonville, Vence


At the edge of his end of life on earth. As everyone becomes a legatee of his gestures, of all these transformed objects. Of those that he gave to us to see in order to give us to understand. Of those who shaped his tongue: his way of speaking to us, saying it in his own way.

The work of art questions the issue of communication in an essential way: the sharing of aesthetic shock is like the delicious recognition of the taste, the sound, the color to make some unforgettable moments together. Because what underlies this fact is the state of certainty confirmed by the experience that defines an index of truth. Body sensation, the feeling from the experience that attests that it is true, you are not dreaming, since it becomes real and this dual relation confirms it. The one who creates and the one who looks at the picture.

We like (or sometimes hate!), it is a strong occurrence which is not necessarily explained and not necessarily justified (except for "art experts").

It's like love: should love at first sight be just defined as and reduced to a hormonal surge? No, what founds the magnitude of the event is that it materializes a dialectical encounter to the other, we understand each other and we love what we understand together.

When the viewer looks at the picture, he shares intimately without words the artist's text and path of thoughts. To live an experience in the depth of unspeakable inasmuch as here things are expressed just by being shown. A kind of gateway to an absolute in the relationship, an accomplishment that takes to find each other and interact and recognize it in the silence created by the work.

Success and fame remain a question below this experience. Art has a function that has always been granted as a separate status. An essential and privileged one because art when it becomes visionary, it offers solutions including the power to UNDERSTAND AND UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER.