Portrait of Arman

Le Bidonville, Vence




His "never and always" contradictory love fluctuations of his soul are questioning the need to shed some light on the propensity he has for many others, for another one at the same time as other ones over the edge and under his skin.

Raised, educated in the mastering of who he his and what he knows he can give, he comes back to the blank page, to make a reflection of it, a revelation.


From now on, he is very well organized in his current life: telephone has replaced the letters. He uses it day by day and it takes him a lot of time. He wants to schedule without fault what he calls the "damage control" of his multiple love stories. One must say that between the faithful ones and infidelity, all this makes a lot of alcoves.

His appointment books mustn’t betray anything, annotations are done with bilingual numbering; number one, number two and so on. The simultaneity of the repetitions does not lose the original move from the trinity.


Arman took as his own for everything in his life Lavoisier’s motto "nothing is made newly, nothing is lost, everything gets transformed".


Remaining true to form, he practices, he explores, he readjusts and he reconsiders. Because what is for sure, is that each one mattered and counted. Besides, concerning the accounts, they are becoming a major concern: he never turned down his responsibilities and it ends up making a lot of accounts to supply. Although the official version focuses on his tendancy to collect, but what the archives do not say, it’s that this feminine Multiple is not innocent regarding some professional decisions and developments: one needs to assume.