Arman, Yasmine and Philippe

c. 1989.


About the early years of his remarriage he will assert :

"- I have been faithful."


10 years...

As always.

Reformulating the reference of the dictionary that is his for the word "faithful" = no love affair.


Meanwhile, he has grown up, therefore educated himself, he decides with the logic that goes with the fact of continuing to learn: to transmit. It is true that one learns a lot from teaching to the other.


By creating his "School of Maieutic" he postulates that everyone should be able to give birth, to shape his own creation capacity. Equal to himself: diehard, Arman, he accompanies a few life-paths of other ones, without failing in his personal navigation. Including by taking a function of Pygmalion at home. In order to reach the legend of this sculptor of antiquity which created a woman of such beauty that he fell in love with her. The requirement for the best, Arman. For providing authority to drive the improvement of performance: levelling to the top.


Outside, it is under the form of financial aid to carry out studies to one and to the other that he seals his educational conviction.

He himself resumes with learning. After his first love of Chess from his youth, in which he had developed enough to earn a few stripes, it is with the game of Go that he learns in order to reach as always with him: the most complete mastery. At the same time, he commits himself completely to his collector’s appetite, in all direction and especially in African Art that he made a specialty of high competence.


Until some morning, when he wakes up with the energy of its creed:

"- What matters in art, it is the decision."

He puts on his work overalls towards the workshop, it is irrevocable. In the discipline acquired from his practice of martial arts, he puts Go and African art back to their place: that is to say after his own creative work.


Meanwhile two children came to enlarge his second family.