Arman postal card to his children

Colombia 1972.


The forty’s are approaching: is it true then ? The image that sticks to the 40th birthday.

The Crisis ?

The year before, everything is decided: they will separate. Éliane is moving up to Paris with their three teenage children.  With caution: they had some Shakespearean times, but they take care to protect their movement in the form of a play for juridical purpose. Adultery is attested in a studio in Nice, at six in the morning / bailiff, to put on record Arman's fault. Éliane does not want to be accused of having abandoned the marital home...

Everything accelerates! For his Mediterranean venues he must retreat at the parental home of Pachatte and Fatheur at the Méou in Vence. To quickly build his workshop and also the family house. The one to re-gather everyone in a wish that will not come through. Arman, fears nothing as usual, he will even play the bigamist: in the wake of the events, he marries in Mexico his liaison who untied ElianArman.

40 years. Even those who do not like birthdays usually decide to celebrate the decades! Yet it is because of the celebration of the seventeen years of his first child who wants to go dancing, that the "Siesta" night-club on the beachfront of Cagnes-sur-Mer, will change the course of history.

He is an excellent dancer and it is well known how much girls like it: a good dancer!

Here we are:  there were stone water lilies placed in psychedelic lights.

She was dancing.

About twenty years younger.

And it is her who will change the course of history.

She will become and remain Mrs. Arman.

The dies are cast at crossroads: the repetition of the initial trinity.

Micheline - Marianne - Éliane.

Éliane - Joan - Corice.

The watch jumps on a stop on time:

Official Divorce - Final separation - towards a remarriage.

Do not be mistaken, it is as ever and like the other time not so simple. Éliane wanted a divorce, Arman didn’t want. He asked her to accept a "bourgeois marriage," she refused. She no longer wanted him to continue "- slipping into my bed" and loving others at the same time.

End of the story: 1971, Arman marries Corice Canton in Nice and takes his wedding trip to the Galapagos with Jacques Matarasso (bookseller and support of Arman’s work from the beginning) and his wife Madeleine.

The Bidonville becomes the summer residence. Lord, the dog left in the Vence property during the separation, died of grief. The belongings of the house at  Avenue de la Lanterne remained stored in the workshop cellar.