Filming of a piano combustion

Combustion of a piano on the roof of the studio/garage at Avenue de La Lanterne, c. 1966.


Set the scene.

The sentimental scene is marked by an important event.

It is well known: words do not necessarily have the same meaning for everyone. Arman, in the current use of the meaning of words, he has always been unfaithful. While saying himself..., faithful "- faithful to my infidelity" he has repeatedly proclaimed.  Since the beginning, the woman, women, are a subject that foresee his qualifying trait: ACCUMULATING.

But what happens there with success, the trips back-and-forth between New York - Nice Côte d'Azur will make a difference. He meets a woman in New York who will become important. She becomes a liaison, for ten years. The decade returns and marks a temporality so dear to Arman.

For Eliane also, this too will make a difference.

In the language of Arman, FAITHFUL, means a whole bunch of multiple adventures (one still recognizes him well). In the present case, he admits: INFIDELE. Yes, he still loves and forever anyhow his "Eliane Panther". But the other love on the other side of the wave comes to be the interlocutor to what always happens with his creative matters.



She also asks questions and she listens carefully to his answers ... Eliane, moved to conspicuously absent from all these questions: they have a conflict of contrary motion and their lives will settle on parallel lines. Of those of side by side that will not be reunited.


The new comfort of life won’t do anything to the case (especially as the territories are becoming, themselves, mixed:  Arman dares to bring his love during the period dedicated to the south of France). In short: it's like for everyone in the pain of separation. Hard - hard at the end: Ten years is a long time...