From an Arman letter to Eliane Radigue

Undated, 1960.


His thirties have passed; they say it is a turning point. For Arman and Éliane and their ten years living together, it is the beginning of a rough crossing.

It will also last for ten years.

Arman advances towards social recognition while Éliane has had to give up her own: she has to wait until the children grow up.

With success, the financial resources are also coming.


A change in the picture occurs: the family settles Avenue de la Lanterne, on the heights of Nice, overlooking the bay, villa with garden. Lord, a gray-blue Great Dane arrives to enlarge the family. But above all, the garage turned into his workshop will make the difference: more space, more distance with life intimacy. All the gestures of Arman finish their establishment: accumulate, cut, break, burn, gestures to which the use of the polyester resin is added to include in transparency.

Talking about Arman to show him, one cannot omit to note that judo, a demanding martial art, sticks to his skin with all the energy and the mastering of gestures that accompanies it. He has a black belt.

Breaking becomes exploding; accumulating has deployed in increasingly large-scale productions as he grows and appropriates workspaces increasingly large too.