TECHNIQUE: Accumulation
DIMENSIONS IN INCHES.: 18,5 x 14,6 x 14,6
MEDIUM: Kitchen appliances in an old glass container for battery.


No more photographs of ElianArman, they are not together for “LE PLEIN" at IRIS CLERT gallery in Paris.


ARMAN ensures his notoriety from the success after the event; he goes back and forth, according to the needs to climb up the ladder.

Éliane ceases her own artistic activities: no more conferences, no more concerts… She assures the day by day care of the children and keeps ensuring the continuation of Arman’s work at the store "Le FOYER" (the payment of invoices at the end of each month still had to be made regardless!)…


Arman is happy to realize his carrier and deploys the energy of his that we know, to make plans in order to further expand this starting notoriety to the rest of the world. Éliane stores in a corner, not realizing that she is thus preserving her own musician creative dynamism.


He still needs her, a lot, to exchange at a hundred miles an hour all the effects brought about by the new situation in the creative space with the "POUBELLES". It is in this contact of the discussions that define their relationship that the dialectic unfolds also to build and reinforce Arman.


They enter in a disagreement about that subject that will mark a beginning to the end.

Commensurate with these two geniuses!


To signify their intellectual divorce:

Eliane announces to him:

“ - You know, I am for the ascending metaphor and you are for the descending one ”.

And indeed, this draws two opposite movements