Envelope with a drawing of Arman

Undated, 1962.


"Affairs”, ARMAN and ARMAND never were short of them and never deprived themselves from having some.

When Armand met Éliane, he's in the middle of a great sentimental story that will take some time to undo until each story finds its right place. Éliane's one is known: she became his wife. The other love story, itself intricates with another one, "between the two, his heart (and body) hesitates and it turnes out like common tales wants it to be: ÉLIANE, will be the third one, and the first to become his wife.

Éliane is rapidly pregnant again. The new spouses are not very happy by the lack of reliability of the famous Ogino method, based on temperatures, known for its remarkable effectiveness towards demographic explosion!

This pregnancy, lived together, is their new common affair. And the one that sees the return of the “affairs”… this time extra marital.

The couple, pioneer in many ways as you know, was also such in their private life. They wanted to be a “modern” couple: each one is free to undertake sentimental explorations but has to confess it all. Thus, the sharing of these affairs should strengthen their couple against adversity: each one is committed to keep the other one as the only "safe" for his/her secrets…
The following proves this beautiful concept to be wrong…
The organization of the “au pair girls" helping the families for the every day tasks, with the petti-coats borrowed to friends of friends, bike riding or walking to the work, will provide Arman with young girls who will actually be more than just "au pair".

Throughout his whole life, Arman will keep talking about his dream of competing with the greater seducers. He loved to be the best and win all the battles: especially those where the adversary proved to be a tough one.

Yes, he was a great ACCUMULATOR!