Éliane and Arman

c. 1959.


The beginning of the year 1959 will see, with ELIANE and ARMAN's return from their trip to Iran, the finalization of Eliane's decision to give up her professional career as a musician.

The hard times generated by the parental absences forces her back to the statute of “housewife” to be with the three children.

It is Arman who makes regular trips to Paris to advance in the establishment of his professional projects. He visits lots of galleries, meets people to convince them, to prepare, defend and finalize exhibitions.
And emerging from all this energy, things will fall in place.

The French television ORTF makes a film on Arman's "ALLURES D'OBJETS" (ink traces of Objects). Jacques BRISSOT is the director and Pierre SHAEFFER composes the music.
At the end of the year, Arman has his first personal exhibition in Milan at the Apollinaire Gallery.

But what will undoubtedly mark this year, is that Arman makes his first "POUBELLES" (garbage cans) and his first ACCUMULATIONS.

He makes compositions in boxes with garbage in a search to reconstitute and make trace of a kind of instantaneous photograph of the present.

One evening, he opens his drawer full with the radio bulbs he used, smashing them to make his "Allures d'Objets". Looking at the opened drawer, he has a sort of revelation: the serial repetition of the object making mass through its quantity will impose a decisive turn.

It is not only the trace now, but the OBJECT itself which becomes the vector to carry his act forever and become the definitive value.