Armand letter to Éliane Radigue

Undated. 1952.

"This long letter
with lots of details is to explain to you
the life I have here as
a "weekly" caporal.
Receive my (lips) in a
very sweet (kiss) and all
the (love) I have in my (heart)
for you.



They met at the "Café des Arts".

She says that at first there was an exchange between their sharp-eyed glances: “ - his eyes…”


An intensity that draws the 20 years of this correspondence between ELIANE and ARMAN.

He is 22 years old, she is 19.
He accompanies her back while pushing her bicycle.
They talk, a lot.


As they discover the extent of their affinities.
He tells her how he navigates among spiritual concerns:
“… I envisage to take vows of chastity”.


 We know what remained of that question!!!!


At the carriage entrance, the dice are thrown: the next rendez-vous is set, they kiss full on the lips…

The first of the filiation makes an instant reflection of their ardor in falling in love with each other…



He decides to anticipate his call to the army so that his military service would last less than the obligatory 18 months.


Engaged with and separated from her, he writes every day to tell her everything.