Envelope with a drawing of Arman

Mail posted March 18, 1953.


ARMAN married ELIANE in February 1953 at the Nice city hall. He was finishing his military service.


Nicknamed “corporal never here” or “corporal air draft” by his superiors.


Because of his obsession throughout his military period (this was already all him: constant in his determination!) : to climb over the wall or to place a sick act to be able to see as often as possible his loved one.

Or as it was, his loved one and his first daughter; actually, in the "move", his second daugter was underway!


Therefore, he was quite happy with the wedding; another reason to obtain a leave permission, and this time an official one!!!


Besides, he said to his superior that in any case, within a few weeks, he would have obtained a new leave, this time for a birth !


It was “the marriage of the corporal and the dressmaker” who “drew the needle while he sold cigarettes that he didn't smoke to generate subsidies". He finished his military service and they settled at the “Parc de la Californie” in Nice with a pretty nice family already!  

Armand and the three musketeers

Armand and his three children, Françoise (aka Marion), Anne and Yves, c. 1957.