Time does not help just a raging activity puts you temporarily asleep luck is not with me. As you must know there has been a crash in the automobile sector and thus it delays all the more conversations with manufacturers, but I finished 8 pieces and I'm on three others. I have already done two interviews and invented two new things, a lamp and a very curious design about a watch.
    I have projects, I have projects, I have projects, it looks like François who says I'm happy, I'm happy. I just want to find back the atmosphere that once was. Before what, what war, great cataclysm, where are the ruins ? I develop my activities in a dreamy twilight, the hours scroll, the differences fade and I do not know if it's morning or evening. I would like to leave my prison because in full sun I grope. I do not know from what I survive, I do not eat a lot, I do not sleep much and I'm so anxious that every day is an earthquake. I still hope that you will be able to face the reality of our two lives because I believe that we must always and always consider saving me from myself. I am not only [destructive] for others too, and especially for myself, and I am so tired of myself, of my fuss and my games.
    A thing. There is a composer, Reiff, a dodecaphonist who is currently working on a play with a chess game with Man Ray.
    You see, your idea was very good you have to persevere ...
    If you do not find any money tell me and I'll try to send you money at least to cover the fees and American Express.
    I'm so far away that I have not written to my parents yet. What a shame !
    Kiss everyone and tell them I love them.
    I am so far away.
    I kiss you.
    I love you.