My Eliane (I wonder if I still have the right to call you that)
    This is very hard time for me I can not recover from these terrible days. Nothing is going well and I do not feel able to work. I feel that I can not do anything except the love I have for you and except the one you had. There is one important thing that nothing can replace is the beautiful qualities you have and that few people have. You can reassure yourself about your mental toughness because if you consider that I could be different nothing of all that would have happened while one is tempted to believe that me with anyone things would take this direction or form.
    Another problem : 2 days before the Happening Alan caught the mumps his wife is distraught. We do not do the thing yet everyone had been warned, the newspapers were talking about it. Well it’s put back for the spring.
    Still nothing from the insurance not seen IOLAS who phoned me. A lot of troubles. We'll see but you could have written to me at least like a war godmother - I love you.