Hi beautiful blonde I loosen your hair I play with my fingers in the gold and I'm knitting an undershirt a vest some socks underpants I’m entirely living there and therefore I am in my element small fish in your water and we go back to the proposal of the male fish into the uterus of the big female fish, it is very nice I indulged myself a lot but it is a symbol of regret of the mother. And I think I'm partially out of it and my domineering and independent character uses decoys to make it look like I'm a docile little fish - but it is no less your hair I’ll catch not for me to get lost inside of them but for them to be lost in my big hands and for your supple neck to follow the movement and bring your lips close to mine.
    From Chicago nothing I will have some news tomorrow. Here Bob Fridman ordered me a table I just bought the soldering iron to do the one of [Rosalind] Jaobs and - I'm a little short circuited to do all this work before the 20th but I'll do my best because I need the money
I kiss you while holding you by the hair.