My Eliane.
All is well everything is bad, everything is fine for my artistic development. My works some invitations, but this date of April 6 is annoying because I have nothing to do in London. (damn it I do not find my pen in this shit) (I found it) But it's too long and I have things to do in Paris for different reasons - find two or three stuffs, prepare contacts for the exhibition - to take care of the customs for my works and the invitations. I can not stay in London or in England for so long - what to do is to have an appointment in Paris on the 30th (it may be the 31st with the jet lag) do what I have to to do in Paris. Go to England on the 6th. The 8th at Krefeld. After to Antwerp because I have to go there for me a little or money or what. My intention was this : 31 in Paris, 1st - 2 - 3 in NICE - 9 in Krefeld, 11 in Antwerp, 13 in Paris, 15 in NICE - because I have to work at NICE - besides I do not know for IOLAS I have not seen him yet and I can not make plans for the money until I have seen him. I'm drowning in a glass of water you have to study this tighter with the following unchangeable data.
       31 PARIS                 6 LIVERPOOL
9-10 Krefeld                     10-11 May Paris
                                opening night ↑
I have to go to ANTWERP, Brussels - and before Paris I would like to work 3 weeks to produce new pieces. 2 or 3 -
    I have nothing to DO in LONDON - except if I had time to stroll amorously with you.
    Try in a farseeing way to arrange all that.
I love you.
I am a little depressed but it will go better. I'm tired, I'm afraid you will not recognize me anymore, I have bleached and aged in the battle. But as long as it will last.
    I miss you you are so bright. May thru the skylight of my attraction for you falls the sun in the prison of my soul.
I love you.