My Eliane
    Sound trumpets the time is serious form the battalions we will fight. Anyway honey there is never anything serious because everything is superficial and ridiculous. If you take seriously the unimportant things like money, debts, obligations, it's not a way to have a beautiful smile at 80 years and to remember with humor your youth and also with indulgence because the little movements of the humans are so quickly circumcised to a determined and narrow polygon.
    So here are the decision s: we will give up with the house in Nice. Come to N.Y. and each summer we will send the children to our parents for 3 months. And ok I will keep a contact with Europe with COLAS that will be enough - maybe for $ 1000 a month - then I will come 3, 4 months a year to work for Europe here I will live with my parents and we will rent a room . The only problem will be the workshop we'll see - the only big sticking point now in September will be to find the money for the trip. Moving roughly ($ 2000 to $ 2500). And school. Everything depends on my exhibitions now if I ll do good. OK. If Janis can’t give me more that will be short. But anyway we'll be fine. Now I will have to stay maybe a month more in the US because I have an application for the immigration visa and as long as it does not work I have to wait if I leave all is to start all over again and that for 8 months - It's going to be hard very hard but I'm almost happy to have a combat to fight for - If it works we can then buy a house in France. If it does not work we can come back and may be defeated but not with the impression of not having done what was needed. OK ?
I love you I eat you I devour you I want you we will break the house.
        Like at twenty years old.

(On the back side)

Have you done what I asked you to do these days ?
        Write to Larry for the Lund (Sweden) exhibition.
        To have me bought by Mamichette the catalog of the African art exhibition 100 tribes 100 masterpieces at the museum of decorative arts - have me send 20 to 25 sardine cans.
        To send me the watches in express mail - bring the Yves Klein.
        To send urgently a picture of me to the address I gave you etc. etc. etc. and I forget some at the moment.
        In Paris you will have to go to [Bester] and see at what stage things are, ask them if they want something - money, etc. etc. you can promise anything as long as you can get a bill - I love you.