I am in a bad time because my workshop is almost empty and I do not like going there. I do not feel unhappy enough to go back to work hard I work on this and that. Yet I have to finish two pieces for the exhibition and at least 3 others for Chicago + 1 for Kaplan etc.
But as you know it all will be made. Last night with Barney and François we were at Gates Village, it's not a nice place but there was the greatest French success of the moment « Swingle Singers » you know those people who remake some Bach music while singing or rather vocalizing (rather cackling) girls and boys it was a triumph. And people ate at their tables and after the show they came (not all) to our table and they surprised me a lot because they congratulated me with emotion for my Amsterdam exhibition they had seen, that they found great. Well then, as above all between you and me I did not like it so much and I find it like « play back » that is to say useless. So then I do not understand a thing only that I love you, love you, love you.
            only a month left. Arman