(drawing of “Arman the dynamitero“ in heading)

My Melianity
Here it is, it's on its way you were right a wind of madness but purely creative. Theme of the next exhibition(s) "ARMAN THE DYNAMITERO" for the Wilp's film. I refused to do it with the helicopter because it is a film for the American television and as there was the precedent of the double bass broken why start again but I would be willing on a large prepared panel, to install a grand piano riddled with dynamite, then from afar to control the explosion. Two minutes later a team dressed as underground miners with helmets come to fix the vestiges on the panel.
We can also consider an old car, a TV set, a safe etc. etc. and it promises me some good time in Nice for future experiments we will laugh.
(Piano drawings 1-before explosion 2-exploding 3-pieces set on panel)
Beware of departure, next invitation card a firecracker that can be turned on.
I am mad but I love you I love you I love you, I love you with the force of expansion of the gases released by the explosion