(On a paper with a header of the Saqqārah gallery)





My rat (followed by an arrow pointing to the "rah" of Saqqārah, a pun)

As always the separation sharpens the blade that cuts the time between us more time more space. The cut is so thin that it is imperceptible, I find my loneliness of « young girl » in the bedroom downstairs on the hard little bed surrounded by a tide of musical instruments and all the tools I requested . Here everyone goes to bed early but I can not help to read very late, and as the alarm clock is at 8:30 I am still lacking sleep.

Georges has a very good idea for the case of Antibes Nazi vandals and assimilated she thinks that if I claim the money for me I seem to make a deal or a sale - as I must appear noble and generous - I demand the reimbursement of the work and that this sum is paid to an institution or institutions benefactors of NICE the whole thing reported to the local newspapers what remains indisputable and very elegant.

For the gallery [Cavallero] I want to lend something but on the condition that he also take a piece by Martial Raysse I will feel less alone in this hanging.

Here it is looking good, although Yehudi Menuhin is not happy at all because he has the impression that he’s being used in that instance.

Although Martial asked me not to talk about his marital woes, I told Georges a little bit about what was going on and she was so upset about him that she called Amsterdam several times to talk to him of the possibilities in the US for his job to inflate him and invite him to Gstaad after Amsterdam. It would be nice if we could go on holiday for 8 days in early September, what do you think ? Here the atmosphere is very good and you would not have to fear any inconvenience.

Eliane do not blame me it would not be very charitable we must never stand against one and the other, we are not young restive horses who must present the hooves and each time it hurts me and I like to have all my strength and all of you with me when I have work and important things to do. My Eliane I kiss you very tenderly, bouncing in a dream at the four corners of the bed.