Mamichette is exhausted reading all your mail she asks you to slow the pace a bit so she can breathe. She kisses you.

        My tender Love,

    May I eat you may I devour you. I am back Saturday on the wings of the Mistral because Friday night I have a party with LARCADE, MAN RAY, LEONOR FINI.
    Last night at Mr. Goldschmidt's, tv everyone happy it’s ok. Tonight : Schaeffer. Yes indeed my dear ! Reconciliation dinner I will tell you.
    I'm slightly on bad terms with the Pierre Henry’s clan - because of the Pierre Restany'show where he acted as a jerk in delaying, delaying until it was impossible. I still have some sales to do maybe we will have some dough, and we will play to where are they the dollars.
    Now that the rebellion has vanished in front of the firm resolution of Debré, I’m relieved because I think that the business of painting will boost the reprieve to this society having being renewed.
I kiss you so tenderly that it's peach skin against peach skin. arman