120,000 cm³ of my most cherished work.
     I am always disappointed never a letter you take as an excuse to have to receive a letter to answer it. I hate you too much to blame you.
    Tonight I'm going to Leonor's, I'll kiss him/her for you. The Jag reacted very good we made the road in 11h + 1heure stop to eat then on arrival it took 1h to accompany this guy [bippo - hippo] home at Bourg la Reine, the bastard , without knowing exactly where it was.
The Jag runs well, accelerates well. It required 135 liters per 1000 km but the worst is that it used more than two liters of oil, there is something fishy here. From 130-140 (km/h) its roadholding is to be monitored, it tends in the curves to float from the rear is a slight oversteer and as it is heavy the front could be upside down, but as soon as it is asked for a little speed it gives it there is only one Ferrari that went faster. There is no place in the garages and it sleeps at the courthouse, but be quiet by Christmas I will have an AC Bristol and we will see who will be right.
    Yesterday morning we found a door closed Cordier and I : the packer was closed ! We’ll start again on Tuesday. It's a little stupid I could have left Sunday but in the meantime I roved and was very active in my business.
    This morning I go to flea market then at 1h I eat at home with the old lady then I accompany everyone to St Leu and after, judgment of Pierre Restany at Yves’, the new realists are in revolt and it will turn hot.
    The day before yesterday with Martial saw (a woman is a woman 12/20), last night with Dominique, One eyed Jack (revenge with two faces 16/20).
    My immense territory to conquer endlessly believe me I will make war to you and bring fire and desolation to the deepest of your mountains and there, perhaps momentary and illusory conqueror, I will be your slave.
        I love you. Arman