Thursday night

My Eliane

My father will drive me crazy. everything leads to it, he strives to have things being delivered to me at impossible times, we have a delivery at 7:30. I’m grumbling ...

I am alone alone and king. King of a kingdom whose sun whose soil whose the salt and whose queen are all you. yesterday the little Swedish girls were supposed to go down there was only one. and the one for Sasha I accompanied them home and I had to play the slot machine I repaired the alarm clock (all by myself)

the Swede girls look determined to leave ya verremos must I on my side look if something appears or do you want to take care of it yourself - (someone has just asked for information regarding a dining room suite in formica)

I do not know if you are not mistaking a little bit about your position regarding to two of us it seems impossible to dissociate ourselves both in our experiences and in our results

although superficially we have different tastes and choices I think we are very similar and with mostly the same [...] and the same options on the absolute and the future

I'm not going to repeat you what you know but ... but ... the best thing would be to try to get back into the game knowing of course where are your values.

I'm going to make an identikit picture of Iris and I ask her to prepare a lot of clothes but if she does it in time. she will send it to you, ok?

see Yves and choose if you want a large footprint

my departing heart leaves a void in my chest. I put both fists in it and I'm waiting for you