Meine [Cheune] little querida.

I have terrible moments of waiting in every way. Have my body splintered into a thousand molecules ill at ease in each of their position and dissociated irremediably. I'm waiting for news, I'm waiting for the sun, I'm waiting for my exhibitions, I'm waiting for money with the disgust and nausea of the social effort necessary in that case. I'm waiting for you, I'm waiting for me, I'm waiting for my night, my sleep and I'm anxious to meet it and pursue it tirelessly, I'm waiting for the next day, I'm waiting for disasters, I'm waiting for incredible happiness (in a way that I have never heard of it), I wait for your look, I wait, I wait for the following, the following that I have to create and live, I wait because I am standing and that at no moment does the worry to sit down come to my mind, my heart beats too fast for that and not enough to fly faster than any expectation.
I love you and live badly without you tonight I will try glycerophthalics a new technique for me we'll see. I did a great stamp finished last night that is a bit disturbing because he takes off the eye and I do not know. I suddenly have the feeling that nothing will work because I [...] always too far, deeply the iron into the wood and my acute thought seeks you.