Letter-mail- 1961-0380

It is very late at night and I can not sleep there is something icy in me
Of course I have always pretended in my unconscious not like to wake up with other occupations of space, of my space, but when I am alone, alone and cold but a cold that leaves me the underside of eyelids hot, I realize how much I need to have you near me but in addition I know that I need this suffering for a few days from time to time to know that duality exists and that I am this duality.
Nevertheless, your wild gaze nails inside me the life of a dark moth at the wall of my volitions and I like to cross the rod of pure beryl which crucifies my soul with its spread wings.
But in the name of what laws of what justice do you pursue which crimes? Your intransigence that dresses into the cloth of the corset of a praying mantis pleases me in the sense of an almost mineral architecture that I can understand with the span of my fingers. The essential is by essence to be decisive as to the category and the destination and if that in conventional language is love, then I love you.