My Beloved Big Heart
    My Eliane
Honey Monelia.

    I’ve just seen [Renard] the disc will be released in a month time. I'm going home I'm drained. I give you two or three things to do, especially one. To try to show my mother to have her been ready that things are where they are, where we can only take decisions even while staying in Nice it’d be necessary, I believe, to consider working elsewhere, because the store does not generate much and because the children have more and more needs.
    Furthermore, I have a few things right in Paris I have to try to catch.
    I saw yesterday with [Kasma] - Die Brücke (the bridge) not bad - even better than that it's very anti-war and anti-stupidity but a little sentimental - I leave you my sweet heart and hoping that this little short message will not disappoint you too much I'm waiting for mine.
    Would my presence just be the moment of reading.
    I love you. arman