My huge Eliane

(Dirty little midinette) - I hate you and even more I'll make like Ben a poem where you will be put back to the deserved place you belong to. How do you not know me? I only feel good when I’m near you I only live well when it’s with you and you torture me unnecessarily. While I'm the first one who's annoyed. I am just waking up today from a huge fatigue and weariness that is the fruit of the kind of poisoning I experienced, while, as a sleepwalker, I am wandering in the avatars of modern art and of the right circles, I would need just as a Japanese warrior a wife who gave me strength - I have a teenage girl lost in sentimental convulsions that recriminates me with unjust quarrels - you know thru your skin, thru your pupils, thru sensitivity I hope, that I love you « In vitam æternam » and not as a granted and stored aside thing but animated towards you with a deep and dynamic affection I see you I live you like my teeth side by side so do not be a mirage do not back down by unjust cries the moments of contact I love you.