My Eliane.

    I have lots of worries times are rough I’m not selling a thing while the expenses keep adding up I can’t get over it, not at all. I learned that the [award] LISSONNE had sent his invitations, Yves has received his me nothing - again I am left behind, I will elucidate this and I want to know if it is [Lenacch] or Restany that have to be knocked out, I can not wait to hear Pierre's answer to the official request. If were to let me down I'd be on the verge of a murder. Stories here, of the boring work and that does not pay – of the drought in concretization, the lack of money, the [insults] of these bastards and what's more, my underwater harpoon completely broken - yet I still took a sea bass today - and you who let me down and leave me while that I would need a dedicated strong woman believing in me and helping me. I would have needed it but what, that is the way, it must have been supposed that I would be strong enough to get out of it alone and I'll be fine because I have even more strength.
    But there are absolute moments where everything goes wrong. And if there were no sea basses, what would I become ?
Tell me everything you’re doing and try not to undervalue yourself too much and maintain a certain position. You still have too much class not to do anything else, instead of racing the little regattas you are made for the America's Cup and your spinnaker flaps proudly in the wind.
    Your captain.