My Elia (Monelia)

Today eaten with Mom and Anne at Micheline's good cuisine, so-so. there is a wall.

    I dragged Ben with me him break-up drama he slept in your bed great surprise of Lucia this morning seeing this fellow in the house.
    I started a huge stamp it goes well and it is a little less stampy than the others and a little more "concrete pictorial proposals". I really have a huge territory here. Christopher Columbus discovering America is peanuts - I keep on dreaming about coating a truck with India ink and rushing on a white sheet Salvator Dali with his snails and sea urchins has come close to the truth but his approach is tainted because he gives the right of way to the literary idea before the concrete and pictorial result.
    I received your letter at 5 o’clock do not understand. I will try to call you tomorrow if the Pater Noster is not around. The store is full of people but I do not care if they are not happy they just can get lost here in this letter I put you 10,000. 5000 for you 5000 for Claude. For your mother I'll see at the beginning of the week.
    Eliane darling I miss you completely I can not explain my deprivation it is complete and acute luckily that I can work but alone in the house it is a little unpleasant if I had not have "Ben" I do not know if I could have continued yesterday so I had the blues Eliane darling - Hum! Hum!