(drawn envelope, dated 19/5/1958)

My sweet Eliane.
    This morning at 9 your letter. but you too I hope and at least 2, I know everything and feel all that and it has to be. From the barrage shots of dishonesty to those who butter up resists the good work. and it has to be. The hypocritical faces of the little heads and the big ones to be able the whole year to live with yourself doing something and look at yourself doing it if I do for myself I do 10 things for my whole life and I will change them every 5 years I think. However I want to do for a public I want that one loves me, lowly, feebly and I want emperor of an ephemeral kingdom to reign - I am still a barbarian. And from the smiling and serious theft of the trade to the barter of powers not yet revealed I prefer to print my money myself in a burst of pride, which calmly sits in front of everything and all regretting only one thing, of not being able to expose myself as an insult to any individuality I can not stand the other paintings because they always take away from me a little bit of my kingdom. I do not want to be nice, to make valuable I want and that's all. Because I am still I think healthy enough to recognize me animal in my hunting ground. And not supporting round the space where I can follow, other foreign smells virtually threatening my instinct of reproduction and preservation and which male do I care, I will try with the weapons forged by my world to kill any male similar to me.- and for a return to oneself one can pathetically adore wandering but still there is only one calm and sure way out : death, happy who builds on it because it can not crumble being the infinite fall - but tracing in the blood ; A very lively liquid, the absurd and also proud inscription of the childbirth, the woman shows the path of a continuity that bites its tail. To do ok, but that is not enough. We must ensure life to what we do, and for you, as for anyone, it results that soliciting your acquiescence you are forced at recognizing a kingdom that is not yours as to the talkative justificators they must do so too, and everything they do and tell is absolutely autonomous and independent from the work being treated and the game is fine like this it pleases me as such and amuses me and allows me not to have even for a moment envy. I love you.
Arman from Elyanie