Eliane my Destiny.                             Saturday
The little mechanics is gone I forge empires I undo the thrones and lonely I look, I did not see the 7th seal. Have been to see with Claude "smiles of a summer night" that I did not like At first I thought I would find a breathing and a diagonal escape and false pictures, saw Dominique. I was surprised she is blonde and tired her son is with her. A child with a fluffy face and soft eyes. Dominique made a painful impression on me, it is a bombed city and walls pop out poor people who do not know where to go. At noon I saw Christiane Lung, she believes that the man is good but that stupidity makes you bad you do realize it. She lives lying down in her drama all the solutions and positions are stretched in length to occupy space. Have seen Raysse.
Raysse condescending of a painting that can not go up and even less go down home in conclusion there is always good painting that is dead - and really dead - I hold the thread for me and I had to come here, because to say and say are nothing it’s there in the trash bin that I find each time one of the broken mirror pieces where I will look at myself. I am 2 or 3 millennia younger and if I steal a little time and the next grape harvest will be mine. For 2 days I have been broken in two by my imperious guts I feel my stomach here and there it does not want to be forgotten it wants to play too.
    Tonight I have to see the Peking Opera with Reinard and Claude I called [Jacques] Sager he is not there. The Schaeffers are at La Gaulée and I feel like a stiffening he thinks we must have abandoned his side - and Caroline give him some support in this story by certainly boosting the fact that you gave in Nice a conference to present the record. Had Marie Claire on the phone we have to see each other one of these nights - she is with a guy who is good for her according to Christiane we feel that there is a harmony and something between her and him.
Sarrisson is in Paris with more and more enemies. Life here no longer contains legitimate struggles for survival, allows a compensating aggressiveness sweep on all sides that corrodes the behavior of any attitude. And this is where resides one of the keys let’s live dangerously he said the other but he was right: live dangerously we will not eat our dirty face at others’ and no longer have pain in the liver. A world where there is no more grass to conquer sends back its survivors and rodents to a fight at loggerheads to prove to oneself that one could have done in the conditions and anticipated by our mother the nature being nature - weapons and masks are always prepared lives in advance and the umbrella open for a downpour that can not fall the water having been drunk long ago since it was yesterday.
    My Eliane My Eliane without words and without distance I love you.