I'm disappointed you looked strange not so happy to see me (I'm wrong) to hear me. I sent you a mandate of 20,000 do not take advantage of it to buy you a D.S (note : a beautiful french car of those days).
    I'm always as much eager of for your letters I miss one. Marcel has started my treatment in a fortnight I will be colossal, did you notice that every time we leave each other I become peaky ? This must be the result of a strong organic annoyance. I'm always tired and apathetic without much will, I’ve just called you everywhere without any success - at Saurisson's niet. In the small fields Marie Claire alone and on the brink of depression causing suicide. I always find it a little strange if not strangers people who talk to me about suicide I have inside me so much [provisions] of all that I can not understand the unarmed persons who raised their arms in the air stretching their neck.
    I can say that I am incapable

[In the upper part of the 2nd  sheet with the header AU FOYER a note has been added with the blue pen partially erased and illegible]
Me very first I would be delighted [...] exchange and flattered by the choice.
Precision of the country where one does not doubt to find oneself. I kiss you

to consider suicide in conditions other than the incurable and unbearable disease and may be to save more than me if it were indispensable and yet I have reservations about this eventuality.
    I saw a movie the other day really hard and ruthless and even a little anarchist and sadistic under a moral tone, what a fight in there ... There is even one who gets right in his face a flock of buckshot, a real tutti frutti.
    Do not forget Tuesday. Alain at the Greek restaurant at noon.
    I kiss you and I am more than tense towards any new manifestation of your interest towards me.                 

    arman                    armand
         arman                arman