0238 (with a drawn envelope dated 21-10-1957 addressed to Sarisson, Paris)

    My female energy
    I'm going to live again, I'm starting to be assailed by the absurd more and more. The uselessness leaps at my throat…and nia nia nia hello madam ! dark or light ? Yes no at your service, delivery in a fortnight, we also manufacture to measure, thank you ma'am, etc. etc. etc. I have developed a perfect system to get rid of time-consuming female middle-aged who want to spend a good fifteen minutes with me to share their aesthetic beliefs and movable and which of course do not intend in any way to make a purchase. (It's beautiful huh the words consecrated "make a purchase" it is a whole civilization it’s the 19th century). I see them enter they have a style. There is the : sir, sir who taps on the furniture sir, there is nobody ? etc. etc. and there is the one who sneaks in encrusted monolith in the furniture and waits silently, there is the one who goes into the store in search of her prey, there is…, but anyway they are all the same.
I let make a move then a little stiff leaving my occupation "in general read" I unfold my face impassive and I run a very long and silky "hello madame" I arrive slowly near her and I speak if possible in disharmony with my gestures, that is to say I speak jerky with harmonious gestures or slowly with nervous gestures, then I endeavor to shift the direction of the interview, example "sir I want a console to put in my hallway I want it in oak and 1m20 high = I have no console madam they are scarce, it produces very little = could you make it for me = yes madam it is necessary to provide me a drawing with dimensions and within 2 days without any commitment on our part, I will give you the corresponding quote, but on the other hand I have a very curious gothic bar at the moment ? = do you think oak will suit ? but madam it is subjective, I will not allow myself = because it is to go with Breton furniture = it is a very closed country madam = they are in oak = I intend to spend holidays there = and with sculptures = the sea coast is very cut off, is not it ? = but ? = I think madam that you could find it already done in Brittany at an antique shop and especially cheaper = but sir I'm not from Brittany = Oh what a pity madam, so I can not do much for you = the lady look at me oddly and at this moment is already out because in addition there is a physical part of the plan which is judo and the naval battle. I'm still trying to block the client at the junction, before she can invade the back store, then I move smoothly towards her until she stops then holding firm and soft inside I wait for her to sketch a step, then her sketched step meeting a wall she must remove it so I advance the corresponding foot and in imbalance she must still retreat and that gently to the door, the disharmonies of my actions the inconsistencies of my conversation, the strange looks, and the absences of presence and absence, cause her so much discomfort that she can not insist.
 I have never suffered a failure, I have never sold or tried anything for them, and they never came back. The last words : good ! goodbye sir with a dry and pained tone, I reply goodbye madam always at your service ! And it is the panic rush with my steady gaze on the neck betraying my thought disguised in lost cows and rabbits emptied.
    See you soon my Eliane in skin of tenderness and silk of love. Arman