Letter-mail  1957-0230  envelope with a drawing representing « Galloping Artemis », dated 19-1-1957
Addressed to the female students sana in Vence The letter is machine-typed

            Everything is naturally conventional
EXCEPT WHAT BRINGS EMOTIONS because with the relativity of the situation and of the species, what is banal to X is unbearable to Y self-evident truth well understood, in art the specialization brings us back to an emotional will always exacerbated, if a painter is good abstract it should remain figurative, and conversely yet the specialized public asks for his emotion out of the figuration and soon out of the plastic certainly it is necessary to foresee where will the next sensitivity of the monster get fixed because as I demonstrate it is not enough that the artist is good, he must sense his era because more and more there’s proof to the impossibility of universal and permanent art, I believe in thermal cycles that have alternated periods of 30 to 60 years it has turned out that in hot times the individual and the fashion push to dress (for the male) in a rather austere way and with discrete hues, at the cold periods it would be the opposite, for all the human activities and affinities there would be correlation with the thermal cycles what it would be indispensable is to determine the influences of these cycles on the art to be obliged to study the past compared to the cycles and to deduce with certainty what will be adequate for TOMORROW
Well all this does not count compared to the ingrained hatred that I devote to you a good hodgepodge of cooled vengeance and impulses of a tenderness irresistibly directed towards your destruction and your liquefaction in a space where even the ideas can not subsist in a atmosphere too saturated with malice
            I love you relentlessly
            Like the worm in the fruit
            And the salt on the bone in
            The DESERT