(with the header "Au Foyer", sent to 5, rue de la lingerie)

            Dolly the loves
I am a big cow apart from the udders and apart from the horns (I want to hope it) because yesterday I did not write to you, what a shame, I was I have to confess it to you a little too busy first by this story of apartment : baloney ! And then through the purchase of a good record for the two of us so after hours of meticulous choice I paid a fortune Gene Kupra trio of the Norman Granz jazz session in LD to blow up the shack – one must say that Kupra is a hell of a drummer - and two small funny 78 rpm records. What you’ll see. I went to the movies with my mother to see an adventure movie set in the Far North, the land of fear. 15/20.
Fortunately I do not do politics anymore because here they are all in jail.
On Friday, they thought they were in Chicago in 1929 and they drove around the city in a hasty way with odd outdated funny - weapons - syringes dispensing bullets, spitfires, guns and other cans. Must say that in the R.P. F there is dissension and this time it is between them that there was explanation. They were sticking posters, they ran into each other, they did not have the same posters, it displeased them then carelessly they swayed at each other little bits of lead then the cops came curious, in a car they found four firearms, some firecrackers to go sticking posters ! and why not a 75mm cannon to stick a stamp ? Well, never mind, these gentlemen are locked up Mimi, [Arsoni], Jo Burdin etc ... it's me who brought them to the Lonchamp and have them registered as members, it will give to talk ?
Sunday morning I will coo in your arms my sweet little pussy with grayish green sloes. Let’s hope I find a decent nest for the sweet pussy, my tender heart.
I send you my strongest kisses wrapped in my most passionate affection.
Hello to everyone. Armand