Tuesday morning
            Eliane darling
Here it goes rather badly and the mesh of the net is tightened if this old shark of Raymond can not demolish everything the little fish will be fried and more and more cooked. I really do not see how to escape Wednesday night without being at risk on Thursday, furthermore if I get a night leave for Thursday I would have no luck for Sunday's. I'm fed up because I do not see the end of it, note that the situation has something interesting because there are struggle and conquests to make, but apart from this small advantage the rest no-no, three times no .
I continue to accumulate the lack of sleep and I live now in a half-fog, sleepy (note he uses the niçois word “ensuqué“ very common in Nice), tired, disgusted.
Small oasis of my desert, come the time where you can quench my thirst.
Marianne, I think, has understood because since the other day I have received nothing and will receive nothing.
    Write to me because I do not think I see you before Saturday and if I do not receive anything I will be unhappy as possible.
    To write I always force myself and it is very difficult I would like to write so much because it seems to me that after a long session I will be finally relaxed and rested but it is always the same vicious circle I will be able to write only when I will have a little more sleep.
    I broke a blade of the little penknife that you gave me and I have trouble - already I had a little deteriorated scissors - nothing resists my hands, it's a pity.
    At the moment the work is long and boring but it is nothing compared to the feeling of being locked up. I sent to the competition the two pledges we had found and now there is nothing but to wait for the result and especially not to hope too much.
    I will write to you again on Thursday or Wednesday night if I do not come. Imagine how sad for me all this long week will be, without seeing you, receive tons of tenderness acres of kisses and endless sweet caresses.
         Armand     Kiss to Françoise.