Eliane darling.

The waves follow the waves and add to the bitterness today I change rooms once again this time I go to a room where we will be seven I completely do not care, but only one thing matters : to be close to you, to live you the way I could live my best journey and fill my dazzled eyes ; from yours.
You say you go through crises but for me without you I am in continual crisis.
    I spend my time cowered in silence looking for the opening by which in a distraught rush I will go straight to you.
    It is absolutely necessary that you trust me I know what you can fear and think but it is only if you doubt that I could be weak.
There are times when an insurmountable blues is lying me down and kills me and I do not know why.
    A good news while coming back on Sunday. In the window of the « Nain Bleu » (note : a famous toy shop) I saw the cosmogony of the Roses-Croix I am going to buy it because it was rather difficult to find.
    I have thought about a lot of things which I will have to speak to you in detail, I believe that humanity still follows grouped minds which although [mitigated] nevertheless give a definite direction to certain actions. and to some motives especially - but it's too long to develop right now.
    I leave you dear and try to come Wednesday if I could not be with me because I will suffer.
    All my best and sweetest kisses and shots of eyes in yours.
    A big kiss to Françoise.