Suite # 3
It's hot it's dark ...

Please Sir ... Sir please you can not stay here now you have gone out, but, please, you must leave the room you would disturb the circle ...
    In front of me a form leans forward, that's it I'm in the room.
So that's it, but the green eyes must be there too ...
    Finally I'm standing up they are all sitting a little stiff, here is Luelia.
    Luelia ... no pain, no emotion yet I'm ... out. Luelia, come on, let's go out together.
    Sir ! Do not intervene that would be very serious. Get out it's over you are offside, you will not be allowed in if you are able to show more will, besides I will be obliged to report you.
Go, come along.
You will see her again. as soon as you will again be appointed you will be notified. Mind the step. Go home. Come to my place, come, yes, but it's hard.
I suffered a bombing. Everything hurts my poor mind. I'll see Luelia again, I will see again ...
    The plainchant of the tearing of the mass at its speed and the shattering into a sheaf where each sound is a metal rocket and so fast on me so fast and so slowly that intensely I see I scrutinize the dark face so close to the radiator grill is touching me already and it is with a soft astonishment that I see the dark face so determined, the fantastic wave of noise is enclosed in my body ...
A sliding crackle of inaudible sounds that jostle and yet last last and the cymbal stroke abnormally perceptible and non dimensional circle stopped.
    The twilight and smell of ozone. I feel well. Softly hanging I feel each exact and sufficient pressure of my armchair.
    Sir, please, according to the rules you must leave the circle immediately, you are outgoing, you are outgoing. I’m warning you that you are outgoing.
Luelia ...........................
                END 3rd and last episode.

    Thee that I love.
I'm coming back I'm already there I'm only in the projection of my return and at once have the coordinates of our future
    I love you.
    I love you.
I’m feeling gigantic battles where I led the banners taken from the enemy - the enemy - (nothingness, death, non-being) in their country. May be formed the peaces of my victories which will be the true victories.
    I love you. armand